Saturday, November 3, 2007

Buyer's Wiimorse

I finally bought a Nintendo Wii the other day. I was really planning on holding out until next year, but I caved in to nerd demographic peer-pressure. Word on the "street" was that the local Best Buy had a few in stock, so I drove over in the middle of the day. This will probably result in a black mark on my next performance review.

The whole time driving there, I kept thinking, "why am I doing this?" I'm not really in the target demographic for the device. There aren't many games for the system available now or in the near future that interest me that much. I honestly think it’s a little over-priced at $250 a pop. My conclusion is that Nintendo has managed to trick me into thinking that the Wii is a rare, coveted device, like the elusive "North Korean" Cabbage Patch Doll(*).

At Best Buy, I walked over to the video games section. An old man was talking to a Best Buy employee, asking him if they had any Wiis. I casually eavesdropped. The employee said, "Let me look it up on the computer," and walked off.

My heart sank – the employee's reaction suggested that they were probably all sold out. But then, thanks to the miracle of peripheral vision, I noticed a stack of Wii boxes sitting on the floor, approximately 15 feet from where the old man and employee had started their conversation. I took one, considered informing the old man, decided not to, and walked to the check-out line.

In my haste to get out of the store with a Wii, I neglected to buy an actual game for the device. Fortunately, Nintendo decided to resurrect the idea of the "pack-in game", allowing me to spend some quality RSI-inducing time with the included Wii Sports game. It also supports sending and receiving email (feel free to send email to w0866167578091258 (at), however, it may not answer in a timely fashion) and occasionally emits a soothing blue glow. I would expect that when I get an actual game for the device, I’ll feel a little better about my purchase.

(*) There is no "North Korean" Cabbage Patch Doll


Chloe said...

I wonder if the spammers have gained access to the mailing addresses yet. Oh, and if it makes you feel any better, I am slightly jealous that I'm the only one without a Wii now. Not that I'd have any time to play it, but still.

On other news, I was at Walmart on Friday (Greg was looking for their crazy HD-DVD player deal) and I saw a copy of Chibi-Robo Park Patrol there. I thought about getting it for you, but wasn't sure if you're avoiding getting it because you don't want to give your business to Walmart.

Drew said...

I don't have a Wii, but I may have to get one when Super Mario Galaxy comes out, even though I won't have any time to play it. OK now I have to go tend to my sick children, who have been Linda-Blairing all over the house for the last two days.